How do you know that you are getting the best care possible in an emergency? 

Patients of The University of Tennessee Medical Center’s helicopter emergency medical services can expect excellent patient-centered care and safety from its flight paramedic and flight nurse teams. 

UT LIFESTAR Aeromedical Services is made up of Federal Aviation Administration licensed pilots and its flight paramedic and flight nurse teams. 

The organization holds a top safety record and is committed to serving the medical needs of the region through transport, care within the medical center and outreach services and education. 

UT LIFESTAR employs well-trained and experienced paramedics, nurses and pilots as well as mechanics that are experts on the aeromedical helicopter fleet comprised of three Bell 407s and two EC-135s. Each medical crew consists of a registered nurse and paramedic that are trained in flight physiology, scene skills and advanced medical techniques. 

Patients of the helicopter emergency medical services can expect compassionate patient-centered care and will be kept as comfortable as possible while blood pressure, heartbeat, respiration and other vital signs are monitored throughout the flight. 

The team aboard the UT LIFESTAR emergency medical helicopter remains in constant contact with the receiving hospital in order to relay vital signs, estimate time of arrival and update the patient’s condition.