Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions
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Volunteers at The University of Tennessee Medical Center make a big difference for our patients, staff and visitors.  But the benefits go beyond the satisfaction of knowing you have helped someone. 

Most volunteer areas require a regularly scheduled weekly 4 hour shift.  For our Auxiliary Volunteers, an annual total of 180 hours is required. For our Independent Volunteers, a 60 hour commitment is required each semester. The Junior Volunteer program requires that you are available at least 6 of the 8 weeks in the summer to be a part of the program. 

Our Junior Volunteer program provides volunteer opportunities for students 15-17 years of age. Our Independent and Auxiliary Volunteer programs provide opportunities for those 18 and up.

The on-boarding process for volunteers is a 3-4 week process. 

Volunteers must adhere to the UT Medical Center’s dress code. The dress code is explained in detail in the orientation material.

There are opportunities available for high school and college students who wish to volunteer their time for the summer. Independent Volunteers are asked to commit to 40 hours of service, (3 months) with a weekly four hour shift. Our Junior Volunteer program requires one 40-hour week commitment.

Volunteer Services does not provide opportunities to shadow clinical staff. If you wish to shadow a member of the nursing staff, please contact the Education Department at 805-305-6073 for more information.  If you wish to observe or shadow a physician, you must contact one directly to request the opportunity.

Once applications have been received, they are kept on file for three months from the date received. If you have applied to volunteer over three months ago, you will need to reapply.

The majority of our shifts are Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. 

Volunteers receive a daily meal allowance of $10 during their shift, in the Garden View Cafeteria. The meal allowance is for  volunteers who work a shift of 4 or more consecutive hours.


It is not recommended that community service or court-ordered service hours be fulfilled by volunteering at UT Medical Center.

Volunteer Services does not provide opportunities for internships. If you wish to become an intern, please contact the preferred department for more information.

We do not recommend volunteering in an attempt to secure employment at this facility. Volunteering does not guarantee or open doors to part time or full time employment. 

We ask our volunteers to commit to a regularly scheduled four-hour weekly shift. This longer-term opportunity provides consistency which benefits both the volunteers and the people they serve.

Volunteering in a healthcare environment requires some necessary steps before you can begin. Please refer to the volunteer application process for details. This process can take up to four weeks before you are ready to begin volunteering.

Yes, but we ask you commit to your assigned area for at least one month and then contact Volunteer Services to talk about the possibility of adding an additional shift in another area.

Yes, if your availability allows it and there are opportunities available for multiple shifts.

Please contact the Department of Volunteer Services at 865-305-9515 or UTMCVolunteer@utmck.edu for more information about volunteering at The University of Tennessee Medical Center.