Shared Governance

Shared governance is founded on principles of partnership, equity, accountability and ownership. Shared governance empowers nurses and managers to contribute to accountability and decision-making processes for patient care, work environment and nursing practice. This model supports a framework in which nurses own their practice and work to advance the value and quality of health care.

Shared governance:

  • Empowers staff
  • Increases professional autonomy
  • Increases job satisfaction
  • Allows for more effective clinical practice
  • Improves quality of patient care

Under the shared governance model, The University of Tennessee Medical Center nurses have a voice in determining clinical practices, standards and quality of patient care. Nurses are encouraged to utilize their clinical knowledge and experience to help direct and develop nursing practice at the hospital. Shared governance also fosters communication with executive staff and among colleagues in various units.

UT Medical Center’s shared governance councils include the Advance Practice Registered Nurse Council, Nursing Coordinating Council, Nursing Leadership Council, Nursing Practice Council, Nursing Professional Development Council, Nursing Retention & Recruitment Council, Nursing Innovation & Evidence-Based Practice Council, and Nursing Quality & Safety Council.

Application for Conducting Nursing Innovation / Evidence-Based Practice Projects