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Our Services

  • Employment of perinatal outreach and support services personnel.
  • An emergency transportation system for transport of high-risk neonatal patients to the Regional Centers.
  • Equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of high-risk patients moms and babies.
  • Perinatal outreach education and in-service programs for physicians, nurses, and certain allied health professionals.
  • Consultation to physicians and nurses and social workers.
  • Evaluation of the Perinatal Program by a Perinatal Data System.

The Perinatal Regionalization System includes five designated perinatal centers which have implemented and individualized programs that address consultation, patient referral, communication, provision of specialized equipment, high-risk transport, in-service/outreach education for caregivers and site visits to local hospitals. The University of Tennessee Medical Center is one of these state-designated Perinatal Centers. Funding for this program has been appropriated through the State Legislature yearly since July of 1976.

  • To reduce perinatal morbidity and mortality associated with medically high-risk conditions.
  • To further the statewide development and implementation of the Tennessee Perinatal Regionalization Network.
  • To support and enhance the efforts of the Perinatal Advisory Committee and Subcommittees in their advisory role to the department.

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1930 Alcoa Hwy
Knoxville, TN 37920

About Us

We care for the highest risk of pregnancies, provide specialized equipment and high-risk transportation. Regional Perinatal Centers provide a statewide system of high-risk maternal and infant care.

The Tennessee High Risk Perinatal Program (Tennessee Perinatal Care system) was established in 1974 as a High Risk Newborn Program by T.C.A. 68-1-801/804. It was expanded in 1977 to include high-risk obstetrics. The program focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of certain life-threatening conditions of pregnant women, fetuses and neonates.