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UT Home Care Services is accredited by the largest healthcare review board—the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). The department has developed its very own quality improvement program to assure high quality, efficient care. But it’s the quality of the professional staff that makes UT Home Care Services such an excellent home care provider. Staff members are experienced, conscientious, compassionate individuals who provide exceptional care at home.

UT Home Care Services provides care to patients only under the direction of a doctor. Reimbursement for home care services is made under Medicare, participating TennCare programs and most private insurance companies. UT Home Care Services verifies patient coverage before beginning services and submits claim forms to insurance companies. Patients are responsible for any portion of the Home Care Services charges that are not covered by their healthcare insurer.

UT Home Care Services provides professional healthcare in the comfort of one’s home. It is a service that combines home recovery under the guidance of a physician with the same kind of skilled health care that is delivered in the hospital. It’s also an economical alternative to hospitalization. UT Home Care Services’ philosophy is to provide the same kind of care and service to any individual within Knox and surrounding counties who is in need of medical assistance.

Meeting the changing needs of its patients, UT Medical Center has transitioned our field staff to a virtual office. This innovative approach enables nurses and other members of our professional staff to spend more time in the communities where they live and work, focusing on patient care. Field staff professionals use laptop computers to document the care they provide to patients as well as a means to stay in touch with other team members. RN Patient Care Coordinators ensure continuity of care provided to patients and serve as resources for field staff. Team members stay connected via pagers, cell phones and laptop communications over telephone lines.

UT Home Care Services is headquartered in Knox County to provide convenient care throughout 16 East Tennessee counties.

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1924 Alcoa Highway
Knoxville, TN 37920


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UT Home Care Services at UT Medical Center began providing home health care, including hospice care, in 1983. Since that time, it has expanded into one of the region’s largest home care providers. UT Home Care Services provides care for patients in 16 East Tennessee counties. Services also have expanded to include everything from skilled-nursing care to hospice care, infusion therapy and other specialty services.