Insurance & Billing

Overview and Financial Arrangements

At UT Medical Center, we understand medical expenses are often unexpected.  Therefore, we offer trained and knowledgeable staff to assist and educate you through the insurance and billing process.  From insurance coverage, financial assistance, and estimates, our dedicated Financial Counselors are here to help.  UT Medical Center accepts many insurance plans and offers payment arrangements on patient-responsible balances.  If you are uninsured or underinsured, you may qualify for our Financial Assistance program.  Do you have questions about insurance and billing? Speak with our Financial Counselors at 865-338-3616, option 1, for an estimate of your hospital care cost or if you need assistance with financial arrangements. Uninsured patients may call 865-305-7998.

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Financial Assistance

UT Medical Center provides both uninsured and underinsured patients financial assistance options for medically necessary health care services provided by University Health Systems employed providers.  Eligibility for assistance may vary depending on residency, income, family size, and eligibility for insurance coverage. Patients are responsible for completing a Financial Assistance Application along with any necessary documentation to process the application.  For questions or further information regarding our Financial Assistance program, please call 865-338-3616, option 1. Uninsured patients may call 865-305-7998.

Your Hospital Bill

During the admission process, you will be asked to assign all benefits of any insurance you have to the hospital so that it may bill these companies on your behalf and receive the payment directly. After your discharge, a bill will be mailed to your insurance provider. If there is a remaining balance after the insurance company pays or denies the claim, you will be responsible for paying that balance. Should you have any questions concerning payments or denial, please contact your insurance company.

Pay Your Bill

Other Bills Related to Your Stay

You will receive separate bills from your personal physician, surgeon and other specialists such as a radiologist, anesthesiologist, emergency physician, cardiologist, or pathologist for services that your doctor has requested. These professional service charges are not included in your hospital bill. Please contact the appropriate professional if you have questions about their service by seeing a contact list here.