The Hernia Center

The Hernia Center

A Hernia Center is a special surgery unit focused on the innovative treatment of the broad spectrum of hernia disease.  Most people think of a hernia as a small medical inconvenience, but hernia disease ranges from small and simple to very complex, difficult, and even recurrent. Hernias can happen from physical wear and tear, related to a prior abdominal surgery, and even return after a prior hernia repair. Also there can be life altering complications when a hernia surgery does not go well.  Our Hernia Center is designed to provide the most innovative hernia care in the world by focusing on four core principles:

  • Create a partnership with the patient through education and preoperative optimization
  • Provide world class surgical expertise by our fellowship trained hernia surgeons
  • Utilized the safest and most innovated hernia mesh materials for patients
  • Ensure the highest quality of care by tracking patient outcomes

The Hernia Center focuses on solving patient problems from hernia or hernia related complications.  We provide unique hernia care services not available elsewhere, that further demonstrate our commitment out patients and community. This includes:

  • Abdominal Wall Reconstruction for large complex abdominal hernia
  • Sports Hernia evaluation and management
  • Chronic groin pain management after inguinal hernia surgery
  • Mesh complication treatment after prior hernia repair

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