Home Infusion Services


Our home infusion services are proudly offered through our partner, ContinuumRx of East Tennessee, LLC, which is a joint venture of The University of Tennessee Medical Center and ContinuumRx, Inc.

What Is Home Infusion?

Home infusion therapy helps patients reduce their hospital stay by providing care in the comfort and privacy of the patient’s own home. The ContinuumRx team works closely with the patient’s local physicians and consists of infusion pharmacists, nurses and registered dietitians trained in the specialized area of intravenous (IV) infusion therapy. Patients receive infusion therapy in their home with training and resources to meet their individual needs as well as clinical monitoring by the ContinuumRx team of pharmacists and nurses. Working closely with the physician directing the care and other medical professionals, we provide the following services.

  • Patient/caregiver training by highly specialized infusion nurses to encourage active participation in the therapy and understanding of the therapeutic goals while at home
  • Coordination of an overall home health care plan of infusion therapy with your home health nurse
  • Emotional support and counseling to ease your transition from hospital to home
  • Infusion solutions expertly prepared using state-of-the-art equipment
  • Provision of advanced equipment, supply delivery and careful inventory control to ensure that you have appropriate supplies on hand at all times
  • Nutritional assessments performed by registered dietitians on Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) and enteral therapy
  • Monitoring of your clinical status and treatment success
  • Monitoring your compliance and tolerance of the therapy using evidence-based guidelines
  • Identifying and communicating with your physicians, in a timely manner, any related problems or reactions to permit appropriate adjustments
  • Processing of claims to Medicare, Medicare HMOs, Medicaid, private insurance companies and other coverage providers

Ask your doctor about Home Infusion Services or contact ContinuumRx at 1-800-665-2850.