Inpatient Physical Therapy

Role of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy professionals are committed to maximizing an individual’s functional mobility by performing a thorough evaluation and developing a personalized treatment plan to address disability and/or dysfunction. These treatment plans are designed to return patients to an optimal level of function prior to discharge. Key treatment components include education, therapeutic interventions, equipment recommendations, and discharge planning – all of which focus on active patient and family/caregiver involvement and a multidisciplinary approach.

Orthopedic Team

This team focuses on returning patients to optimal function following orthopedic injury and/or surgical intervention such as hip fracture and total joint replacement. Therapists facilitate early treatment in order to promote quick return home or to the next level of treatment.

Trauma Team

This team focuses on treating patients who have experienced critical injuries such as multi-trauma, brain injury, and spinal cord injury. Rehabilitation for the trauma patient begins shortly after admission and focuses on promoting return of function and quality of life following a traumatic event.

Neuro Team

This team focuses on helping patients regain function after stroke, spine surgery, as well as with other neurologic, vestibular, and cardiovascular conditions. Therapists focus on diagnosis specific intervention to promote highest level of function.

Physical Therapists

Physical therapists perform evaluations and design and manage the physical therapy plan of care.

Other specialized physical therapy services include:

  • Critical Care
  • General Medical
  • Pediatrics
  • Wound Care
  • Amputees

Physical Therapy Assistants

Physical Therapy Assistants work under the direction and supervision of the Physical Therapist to guide patients through treatment interventions in order to meet therapy goals.

Physical Therapy Technicians

Physical Therapy Techs provide support to the treating therapist in order to facilitate effective and efficient patient care.

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