Community Benefit

Community Benefit

Community benefits are programs and services designed to improve health in our communities and increase access to health care. They are integral to the mission of The University of Tennessee Medical Center and other not-for-profit health care organizations. For over 50 years, the medical center has been a leader in improving East Tennessee’s health and wellness.

In 2016, The University of Tennessee Medical Center’s financial contribution to Community Benefit totaled nearly $46 million. This includes philanthropic resources, traditional charity care for the uninsured and those with limited means; the unreimbursed cost of caring for patients; medical research; education of health professionals; and hundreds of community service programs at the medical center and in local schools and community centers.

Among the most significant ways we support the community are:

  • Community health fairs
  • Partnering with other East Tennessee not-for-profit organizations
  • Health screenings for the uninsured
  • Breast health and cancer outreach programs
  • Support for Knoxville Area Project Access
  • Providing education to patients and community members
  • Regional training for EMS personnel and continuing education

Beyond these very visible programs, community service extends to the time and talent that members of The University of Tennessee Medical Center team contribute everyday by serving on the boards of church, civic, or youth organizations. They also spend numerous hours volunteering in the community and donating time at worthy organizations.

Communities are only as strong and vibrant as the business and organizations they contain, and businesses and organizations are only as strong as their people. At The University of Tennessee Medical Center, we’re blessed in having people who are compassionate about the future of our community and generous with their contributions of talent, time, and education. We are proud to highlight a few or our 2013 community achievements in this document and look forward to continuing our community service in the future.

Community Health Needs Survey

The CHNA survey is your chance to provide important information to our facility leaders to ensure we are meeting the healthcare needs of our community. UTMC provides high quality care that is

affordable and accessible in your community. The survey assists UTMC in evaluating the most important healthcare needs so we can improve our healthcare services in our region.

The University of Tennessee Medical Center is dedicated to aligning these needs with our mission, vision, and values to provide the best healthcare solutions in our region.

Cash and In-Kind Support

The University of Tennessee Medical Center partners with area community and philanthropic organizations to share resources.  Through our combined efforts we are able to make a real impact on local health issues.  Additionally, our team members contribute thousands of dollars to community organizations such as United Way.


Leading the way in new discoveries, research is essential to develop advanced technology and treatment for better patient care. UT Medical Center partners with the Graduate School of Medicine that has a national reputation in education and is building research programs of national merit. Today the UTGSM is a growing enterprise of faculty and research with 208 residents and 383 faculty (both full-time and volunteer) in 10 residency and 11 fellowship programs in medicine and dentistry.

Community-Building Activities

The University of Tennessee Medical Center is committed to collaborate with others in the provision of a wide range of health, social and support services that meet community needs and improve the quality of human life.

Community Health Improvement

The University of Tennessee Medical Center is dedicated to provide high quality care not just at the medical center but out in the community as well.  The medical center offers free or low-cost screenings and health education programs at both community and corporate sites.

Charity Care

The University of Tennessee Medical Center is committed to providing compassionate care to those in need of healing, regardless of their ability to pay.  As a nonprofit organization, the medical center relies heavily on community partnerships and the support of those who believe in our nonprofit mission of providing the very best care to every person we serve — regardless of their ability to pay.

Health Care Professionals’ Education

Providing education and training to future health care professionals is a cornerstone of The University of Tennessee Medical Center’s mission to serve through healing, education and discovery. Our faculty and residents are some of the nation’s finest. Educational and research opportunities are available with the main University of Tennessee (UTK) campus, the University of Tennessee School of Veterinary Medicine, and Oak Ridge National Laboratories.

Uncompensated Care

Uncompensated care is an overall measure of hospital care provided for which no payment was received from the patient or insurer. Uncompensated care excludes other unfunded costs of care, such as underpayment from Medicaid and Medicare.

Community Benefit Reports