Adult Volunteers

A volunteer holds a blanket from a blanket warmer

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Adult Volunteers, also called Auxiliary Volunteers, are comprised primarily of people 18 and over seeking a long-term commitment. (If you’re in this age range and still in college, check out our page for College Students.)

The Auxiliary is governed by a board and is involved in various fund-raising activities, which allow for the purchase of equipment and the provision for re-certifications for our Magnet Program. Volunteers can participate in the fund-raising aspects, but this is not required. All Auxiliary members volunteer in the hospital. Most volunteers work one 4-hour shift per week.

Why Should I Volunteer?

Auxiliary members at UT Medical Center make a big difference for our patients, staff and visitors.

But the benefits of volunteering go beyond the satisfaction of knowing you have helped someone. Volunteering has been proven to help live longer and healthier lives and be happier overall.

Other perks of volunteering include:

  • Free parking each time you volunteer
  • Free meal each day you volunteer at least four hours
  • A 20 percent discount in our Gift Shop
  • Appreciation gifts and luncheons at various times of the year

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Find out more about the opportunities available or apply now.