Diagnostic Mammogram

What is Diagnostic Mammography?

Diagnostic mammography is used to evaluate a patient with abnormal clinical findings, such as a breast lump or lumps, found by the woman or her doctor.

Who Needs Breast Mammography?

If you have a breast problem or find a lump, contact your primary care provider and they will schedule you for an evaluation. You can also call our Breast Care Service to ask questions.

Primary care providers can also schedule diagnostic mammograms for their patients using the Breast Care Service. Our nurse navigators will help obtain prior exams and information so we can provide a thorough evaluation.

Diagnostic mammography may also be done after an abnormal screening mammogram to evaluate the area of concern on the screening exam.

How Do I Schedule a Diagnostic Mammogram?

Diagnostic mammograms need an order from your primary care provider or physician. Their office will communicate your problem to us so we can provide the optimal evaluation.

To schedule a diagnostic mammogram, call University Breast Care Service at 865-305--6921.

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