Mind/Body Medicine and Counseling

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Mind/body work focuses on the connection between mental and physical health. These programs are coordinated by a psychologist, and include treatments such as relaxation techniques (including meditation), cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and behavioral counseling. Behavioral counseling is used to help individuals make changes in their lives by looking objectively at behaviors, feelings, and thoughts in troublesome situations. At University Internal Medicine and Integrative Medicine, behavioral counseling is enhanced through other specific mind/body techniques like relaxation training and breathing techniques. This allows patients to take a proactive, self-care role in their health. Research shows the benefit of relaxation programs for improving the following: ADD/ADHD, anger/stress management, anxiety/panic, asthma, chronic pain, depression, fatigue, fibromyalgia, heart disease, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, psoriasis, post-traumatic stress disorder, and tension headaches.

To get the most out of mind/body work, you should have open and honest communication with your provider. If you have any expectations or concerns for this work, make sure you clearly express them. It is also important to take proactive interest by attending all scheduled sessions, having given forethought to what you’d like to discuss.

Before Your Session

We emphasize a coordinated, team approach by collaborating with your outside health care providers, as well as with all providers at University Internal Medicine and Integrative Health. We will always ask for your consent to do this. Everything discussed during your appointments is confidential and cannot be released without your consent. Your provider will discuss confidentiality in detail before you begin your work.

During Your Treatment

Over the course of your work, your provider may recommend a variety of mind/body techniques, relaxation techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and behavioral counseling. You will work with your provider to determine the best for your situation.

How Many Sessions Will You Need?

Every mind/body therapeutic plan at University Internal and Integrative Medicine is specially designed for the individual. The length of your personalized program depends on your specific condition and your goals. During your first session, your provider will help you determine the length of time it should take for you to see changes.

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