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How to Drive Safely in Wet Weather

Every day provides different weather conditions, and sometimes wet weather can cause problems while driving. However, there are some smart things you can...

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5 Simple Tricks to Help with Anxiety

Oftentimes, when we start to feel overwhelmed or anxious, it can feel like our physical world is caving in around us. When that...

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What is SPF and Why Does It Matter?

SPF stands for sun protection factor. This tells you the product’s ability to protect you from UVB rays.  Here is how it works:...

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About University Medical Group

The University Medical Group is made up of experts in internal medicine and family practice. UMG provides comprehensive primary care to people of all ages. With more than 20 practices around the Knoxville area, primary care physicians provide superior patient care that aids in the prevention, diagnosis, and management of health issues. If you are not yet a patient with a University Medical Group physician and need help finding one, call the Healthcare Coordination Office at 865-305-6970.


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