Clinical Trials With the UT Graduate School of Medicine

The University of Tennessee Medical Center pushes the frontiers of medicine through various research projects and clinical trials. Part of the way we do this is through clinical trials With the UT Graduate School of Medicine.

Clinical Trials With the UT Graduate School of Medicine

The following pages give an overview of the research programs and projects available at UTGSM.  For more information on the clinical trials being conducted, contact each department individually.  

Scholarly Activity

Together, the UT Graduate School of Medicine and The University of Tennessee Medical Center make up the region’s academic medical center. Scholarly activity, or research, is one part of our three-fold mission. That mission includes healing, education and discovery (research). Research and publication are vital parts of the educational process. As a result, our residents and researchers publish in peer-reviewed journals. In addition, they present their work at national professional meetings. 

Scholarly activity at UTGSM

Research Faculty

The faculty members of UTGSM lead and participate in clinical trials. They use cutting-edge technology and research techniques to challenge the frontiers of medicine. They research topics ranging from Amyloidosis to Alzheimer’s. 

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Institutional Review Board

The UT Graduate School of Medicine established an institutional committee to review all research projects that involve human subjects. UTGSM designated this committee as the Institutional Review Board (IRB). The group consists of consists of scientific and non-scientific representatives from the graduate school, the hospital, and the Knoxville community. 

The primary function of the IRB is to protect the rights and welfare of the people who are participating in research projects. To that end, the IRB has oversight of how research is conducted in accordance with the approved protocol. Additionally, it requires investigators to be trained to adhere ethical standards. 

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For more information, call 865-305-9290 or email the UT Graduate School of Medicine. 

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