Vascular Services

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The University of Tennessee Medical Center provides vascular care to Knoxville and the surrounding counties of East Tennessee. The Vascular department provides medical, interventional and surgical care for vascular conditions. Care delivery is provided through an interdisciplinary approach that is patient and family centered.  Delivery of services requires collaboration with patients, physicians, clinical teams, administrators and key partners. Care, treatment and services are provided in the emergent, inpatient and outpatient settings.  The Vascular department provides care for the following conditions:

Aortic Center

The Aortic Center is our regional referral center is designed to provide easy and timely access for the evaluation and treatment of aortic aneurysms and other abnormalities of the aorta. Our team of surgeons and clinical staff work closely together to ensure the best possible treatment for patients. As the region’s preferred hospital for the treatment of aortic disorders we strive to set the standard for quality care.

Endovascular Services

Endovascular Services combines conventional open surgical and endovascular techniques to treat a wide variety of vascular diseases. The Endovascular suite is staffed 24/7 with board-certified vascular surgeons, vascular fellows, registered nurses, registered radiology technologists, certified surgical technologist, and surgical scrub technologist.

Vascular Lab

Our Vascular Lab is accredited by the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories (ICAVL). The laboratory is part of the Heart Lung Vascular Institute that provides a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of heart, lung and vascular diseases, since each of these is interrelated. The vascular team is made up of registered sonographers with specialized training in vascular studies. Noninvasive Vascular Studies provides diagnostic tools to help physicians diagnose blood flow problems throughout the body.

Vascular Access Center

The Vascular Access Center provides comprehensive vascular access care to chronic kidney disease and end stage renal disease patients throughout the region.  Our goal is to provide you with a quality functional vascular access, as well as keeping you from missing dialysis treatments and having unnecessary hospitalizations. This will be achieved through a team approach between the vascular access coordinator, your dialysis clinic, your nephrologist and your vascular surgeon.

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Aortic Center

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Aortic Center

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