Volunteer Training

“Do I really have to read all of this?”

“I have a college degree! Why do I need to do volunteer training?”

“I just want to volunteer — why are you making it so hard?”

Have you heard any of these from other volunteers? Or maybe you’ve even had these thoughts yourself. We understand — time is precious. In this section, we’ll discuss a few reasons why volunteer training is so important. Once you understand why we have annual training requirements, we hope you’ll appreciate why we’re asking you to spend some time learn these new and valuable skills.

Why Do I Need to Take Volunteer Training?

Our accreditation organization requires our volunteers to show their competency, which we do through annual quizzes like the one below. Plus, studies show that training volunteers before placement, and providing ongoing training, helps improve your skills. Volunteers without enough training often leave their position or have difficulties that take staff members a lot of time to manage. In short, a quality training program teaches the skills you need to succeed as a volunteer.

A quality training program teaches the skills you need to succeed as a volunteer.

Think of this volunteer position like a job — whether you are paid or not, we appreciate your work. While your previous experience helps (as a volunteer or through a job), it’s also important for you to understand the organization you’re working in, and what we expect of your role.

Our volunteer training process helps keep our patients safe and it ensures you’re placed in a position that best fits your skills and expectations.

What Are the Training Requirements?

Our volunteers play a vital role at UT Medical Center. To keep our accreditation, each volunteer must complete annual training. This includes reading through training Power Point presentations and taking a short quiz, below.

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