Gynecologic Oncology


University Gynecologic Oncology at The University of Tennessee Medical Center provides innovative and advanced medical and surgical treatment for patients coping with both precancerous and malignant gynecologic conditions. Our multidisciplinary team of physician, nurses, therapists and support staff provides comprehensive care for the treatment of all gynecologic cancers and serves as a regional referral center for women with cancers of the female reproductive tract.

The gynecologic cancers we treat include:

Our Treatment Options

The Cancer Institute at The University of Tennessee Medical Center offers the broadest spectrum of cancer specialists and services to care for our patients with gynecologic cancers.

Gynecologic cancer patients receive all of their cancer care including surgical consultations, radiation therapy, genetic counseling/testing, chemotherapy infusions, and supportive/integrative health services, all in the same building. Gynecologic oncologists at the medical center have the necessary knowledge and skills in minimally invasive surgery including  robotic surgery on the da Vinci Surgical System.

Gynecologic oncologists manage the administration of chemotherapy drugs providing continuity of care for their patients. Intraperitoneal chemotherapy is available and utilized for appropriate patients to provide the best possible outcome. We provide minimally invasive gynecologic surgery and counseling for women who are at risk for gynecologic malignancies. Our gynecologic oncologists also collaborate with radiation oncologists to provide advanced radiation therapy including external beam radiation and high dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy. At the medical center, cutting-edge treatment is offered to patients along with opportunities to participate in National Cancer Institute and pharmaceutical clinical trials.

Patients are reviewed at our weekly multidisciplinary conference where surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, genetic counselors, nurses and clinical trials coordinators gather to determine the best individualized treatment plan for each patient. This level of coordination ensures that patients are receiving the highest level of care, offering the best outcomes and quality of life.

Patient Information

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Gynecologic Oncologists

The board certified gynecologic oncologists at the University of Tennessee Medical Center Cancer Institute are dedicated to providing expert, compassionate care for patients with gynecologic cancers. Because gynecologic cancers can have a wide range of physical and emotional effects, we offer multi-dimensional services to strengthen mind, body, and soul for our patients and their families. Gynecologic oncologists also manage the administration of chemotherapy and provide continuity of care for their patients.

Studies have demonstrated that women treated by a gynecologic oncologist have a better likelihood of prolonged survival. Due to their extensive training and expertise, gynecologic oncologists can coordinate all aspects of a woman’s cancer care and recovery. Gynecologic oncologists understand the impact of cancer and its treatments on women’s lives including future childbearing, sexuality and physical and emotional well-being as well as the impact on the family.

Clinical Trials

Cutting-edge treatment is offered to patients along with opportunities to participate in National Cancer Institute and pharmaceutical clinical trials. Clinical trials are research studies made available to patients that offer the newest treatments and test new ways to prevent, detect, diagnose and treat diseases.

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Referring Providers

We work closely with referring physicians, in the region and around the country, to give our patients the best results possible. Our staff is available to make the referral process easy. To refer a patient, please call 865-305-5622 or complete this digital form.

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